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About Us


Over the cool highlands of Curepipe , a tea plantation of no more than five acres was the beginning of a family business which proved to be successful for more than a century.

The ambition of Joseph Marie Corson, who arrived in Mauritius from Saint Malo in 1792, was going to concretize itself over the interest of his grandson, Joseph Jules, for the cultivation and manufacturing of tea.

The first tea seeds of the Assam Hybrid variety were introduced from Ceylan in 1886 .In 1893 fifteen acres were put under cultivation.

In 1919, Auguste Jules Corson introduced the vanilla tea on the local market and today it remains the most popular beverage amongst the island’s population.

In 1931, Raoul Corson took over from his father at the head of the family business. 

In 1956, Marie Jean Raoul Corson took over from his father.

In 1980, Elizabeth Corson, following her husband’s death, managed the family business for over 24 years.

In 2005, their daughters still maintained the family tradition.

In 2010, Deborah Adam and Laura M d’Unienville took over the business up to date.

Over the years, the family’s mission has been to delight its customers with the best quality teas. Now moving towards the new millennium, we are very aware of the market trends and have no hesitation to innovate while bearing in mind our quality mission statement and fulfilling the expectation of our consumers.

Family Photo